Our Graduates

In 2018, the Mindfulness Network embarked on a collaboration with Bangor University to deliver the internationally renowned Training Pathway. We are delighted to share this list of teachers who have graduated with us at each of the three levels of accreditation certified by Bangor University:

Competency Assessed Teachers 

Trained Teachers 

Practising Teachers 

Sophie Messari (2021) 

Hege Seglem (2021) 

Anna Dora Fostadottir (2020) 

Philip Anderson (2022)

Sanjay Suri (2022)

Carol Powell (2022)

Shubhada Suri (2022)

Alison Burton (2021)

Anne Winter (2021)

Roly Oliver (2021)

Carole Lacy (2021)

David Bush (2021) 

Cindy Cleary (2021) 

Martyna Raczka (2020) 

Julia Fitzgerald (2020) 

Kelly Birtwell (2020) 

Cath Mercer (2020) 

Elizabeth Colwell (2020) 

Jenny Ebberman (2020) 

Ruth Ormston (2020) 

Susan Delaney (2020) 

Pamela Lawson (2019) 

Heli Gittins (2019) 

Suzanne Lynch (2019) 

Elisabet Soler (2019) 

Elizabeth English (2018) 

Heather Murray (2018) 


Shobha Sivaramakrishnan (2022)

Glyn Thomas (2022)

Helen Bond (2021)

Hjalmar Abjornsson (2021)

Bob Chase (2021)

Rosemary Harris (2021)

Wendy Showell Nicholas (2021) 

Ruth Pilkington (2020) 

Hendrik Stark (2020) 

William McGoldrick (2020) 

Sinem Aksay Sabah (2019) 

Justin Thomas (2019) 

Mel Firth (2019) 

Emma Duff (2019) 

Sara Hammond (2019) 

Laura Acosta (2019) 

Elinor Brown (2019) 

Judi Sharifi (2018) 


We are immensely proud of the hard work and dedication shown by each of our Graduates and now run regular graduation events to celebrate trainees who reach certification on the Training Pathway. If, for any reason, you wish to be removed from this list or if you trained on the Teacher Training Pathway, through Bangor University, prior to the collaboration with the Mindfulness Network and would like to be included in this list, please contact training@mindfulness-network.org.