To view and book available training events, visit our CALENDAR. Please read our FAQs before you book to find out more about our Mindfulness Training Pathway, or come along to our regular Bangor University Open Days for a chance to ask questions about training with us. To access online training that you have booked, please Log in to our Community Site.

The Mindfulness Network offers a comprehensive training programme  that is suited to those wanting to learn essential skills in delivering mindfulness within  a wide range of professional contexts, or for those wanting to embark upon an internationally renowned training pathway to teach one or more mindfulness-based Program, such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and, for those already trained, that want to hone their skills through continued professional development.  

Our training programme is delivered in collaboration with the Mindfulness Centre at Bangor University. Our trainers are senior mindfulness trainers within Bangor University, and Bangor University continues to be the issuing body for certificates of competency. Bangor University and the Mindfulness Network work closely together in the ongoing development and quality assurance of our training events.  


If you are interested in mindfulness-based training, there are three training options to consider:

Individual Training Events

Whether you are interested in learning essential skills in teaching mindfulness to enable you to integrate these within an existing professional context, or, in building and developing your skills over time, without formally enrolling on a training pathway, our Training and CPD events can all be attended as individual workshops, courses and training events, both online and in-person.   

If you later decide to enrol on the Mindfulness Training Pathway in association with Bangor University, these events would count retrospectively towards your portfolio.  

Visit the CALENDAR to see our full list of events.

The Training Pathway – Train to Teach or Facilitate Mindfulness

The Mindfulness Network and Bangor University – as part of a collaborative venture – are proud to offer the long-established, internationally recognised Mindfulness Training Pathway.  

The Training Pathway involves building a portfolio of training events, retreats and supervised delivery of mindfulness. The Pathway is flexible, can take account of existing experience and can be completed in a time frame that suits you. Whether you want to train as a mindfulness teacher or learn to bring mindfulness more fully into your personal and professional life, the Pathway offers different routes to help navigate your mindfulness training journey:

  • Route One (Train to teach a mindfulness-based programme with Specialisms)
  • Route Two (Train to facilitate a mindfulness-based approach with Specialisms)

Both routes start with our Essentials Training, to cultivate and convey mindfulness, after which you can choose from a growing range of Specialist Trainings to customise your portfolio over time and the certification you receive.

Completion of Route One of the Training Pathway means you are eligible to submit videos of your teaching for competency assessment with the Mindfulness Based Intervention:Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI:TAC).  Successful assessment results in certification as Competency-assessed in Mindfulness-based Approaches – the highest standard of a certification available.  

Although the Pathway is largely self-directed there are many systems of support to guide you along the way. By registering for the Pathway you become a part of a community of trainees, supporting one another by connecting online and at various training events as you build your portfolio, your skills and your experience: 


Regular online group connection sessions and our members will provide experienced guidance and advice on navigating the Training Pathway journey. 


You will connect with a supervisor and/or mentor from the Mindfulness Network who will work with you to support and develop your mindfulness-based work and practice.  

Peer partnerships 

On registration you can opt to be partnered with a Training Pathway peer to share in the joys and challenges as you both progress. 

Online Community 

The Community area is a forum to bring thoughts, questions, concerns and to share them with peers, trainers, mentors and others involved in organising and delivering the training programme.  

To find out more about the Training Pathway in detail (including costs, eligibility and application process) please visit our FAQs.

Masters in Mindfulness

Bangor University’s Mindfulness Centre offers a Masters in Mindfulness programme. This programme will enable you to train to teach MBSR/MBCT and gain an MA or MSC degree at the same time. Because it is part-time, it is designed to fit in alongside your work commitments. You will come to Bangor for three weekends a year and can study from home the rest of the year. It takes four to five years to complete the Master in Mindfulness.

To find out more, please visit the Bangor University website.

If you are interested in further training, there are more options to consider:

MBI:TAC Training Pathway

The Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI:TAC) is a tool designed to assess competency in the delivery of mindfulness-based approaches. The Mindfulness Network, in collaboration with Bangor University, offers a full MBI:TAC Training Pathway for those wishing to use the MBI:TAC as a formal assessment tool.

Supervisor Training Pathway

The Mindfulness Network delivers a Supervisor Training Pathway for Mindfulness-Based Supervisors. We passionately believe that supervision is a key way of enabling mindfulness-based teachers to be the best they can be and to do their work with integrity. Supervisor training and ongoing development is vital for anyone who wishes to be a mindfulness-based supervisor.

Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher Training Pathway

In the UK, the Mindfulness Network, the Sussex Mindfulness Centre and Mindful Self-Compassion UK have been offering regular Mindful Self-Compassion events. As leading mindfulness organisations and individuals, we have come together to provide a clear Mindful Self-Compassion teacher training pathway from introductory workshops to teacher training programmes.

Commission training with the Mindfulness Network / Bangor University

We also offer commissioned training courses and work with partner organisations – both in the UK and abroad – to offer either the full Training Pathway or individual training events. Our commissioned trainings are all delivered by the core training team at Bangor University’s Mindfulness Centre. If you would like to discuss commissioned training through the Mindfulness Network, please contact our Business Director, Ruth McDonald:


Come and meet the training team at one of our free Bangor University Open Day Sessions (via Zoom)

This is an opportunity to simply log on and connect with one of our training team to have a short mindfulness practice and, if you wanted to stay on, to find out more about the three training options outlined above and to ask any questions you may have. If you just fancy joining us for the online mindfulness practice, you are most welcome. The times and dates of these Open Day sessions are listed on our Community site.